How to build confidence fast

Want to know how to project confidence? It’s easy, no imposter syndrome is needed Confidence is the bedrock of so much in life and it’s a quality both in demand and much admired by those [...]

Hiking Wales: what to expect

Hiking Wales: what it’s really like So you’re planning on hiking Wales; from the coast to the imposing hills and mountains, there’s a lot to consider before you pack up your rucksack and head into [...]

Those echoes of old, reckless you will always be there…

...and that's fine. As long as you don't act on them.

When I first entered the dizzy realm of adulthood at the age of 18 it was an exciting time. A carefree life awaited. I knew I'd get a job and do the usual 'life stuff' people do. At some point there might be a family, a home and even a dog. Or two.

I love dogs.

I love my children more.

But those thoughts weren't the most pressing on my mind. First I wanted to have fun. A lot of fun.

Now what passes for fun in the mind of someone with impaired emotions is, well, extreme. Once those perceived chains - the bonds of being a child - break, life seems like an endless ocean of bounty.

How to be more efficient at work when you have poor memory

A number of years ago I had brain surgery to remove a tumour that left me with poor memory and weak executive function. My work suffered, until I took action and created a routine tha put me back in control. And they’ll work for you. Ready to explore?

It’s okay not to feel awesome

Do you get tired of trying to always feel awesome?

There are some days when, no matter how hard you try, you can’t even raise a smile. And how do you feel? Most likely disappointed. After all, you’ve heard stories of people who seem to conjure ‘awesomeness’ out of thin air. So why can you do it, whenever you need to?

Hikes, Expeditions and Plans for 2021

Can you feel a change in the air? We’re at that time of year that I love: the halfway point. It’s a time when we can pause and look back over the last six months, [...]

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