James Redden

I Talk

A lot! And this stands me in good stead. In recent years I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to numerous companies, organisations and schools.

A Few Testimonials

James has given two presentations to Microsoft and our partners. His stories encapsulate what it means to both lead and be led; he has a unique perspective on leadership and motivation which shows in James’s passion for exploration and technology and the way he uses both to focus on mental health issues shines through in his talks.

Michael Vermeersch, Microsoft Digital Inclusion Lead.

The presentation James gave to our partners was a thought-provoking series of stories the took the audience on a journey into the dark heart of mental health issues.

Zohar Marer, Lindengate

Thanks for the presentation. I appreciate that this was pulled to together at extremely short notice but it definitely had the desired impact in terms of focussing the team on how we should be looking at new opportunities.

Ian Burgess, Carlson Wagonlit

James presents ideas that focus on modern day exploration and how lessons learned in extreme environments can be mapped direct to any other area of life. The content of his talks include leadership from the extremes, working alone in inhospitable locations and preparation for working in hostile environments. His experience has relevance for a range of leadership areas:

  • Developing strategic thinking and planning
  • Building and developing effective teams
  • Motivational skills
  • Overcoming difficulties and building resilience
  • Developing a high performance culture through objective setting and monitoring performance
  • Developing an innovation culture

Presentation Titles

Don’t Stop

Have you ever wondered what you’re life is going to look like in 5, 10 or even 20 years time? Did you give up the dream of exploration and adventure in return for a career? Has hope faded and your dream some other life beyond the office walls evaporated? If so, there’s good news – you can still achieve those deep-held desires. James talks about his path from lazy kid who found it hard to make any kind of decision to becoming an adventure seeker with a day job.

Make Your Opporunities Count

Have you ever felt like you’ve missed out on some part of life? Can you hear a voice, the sound of gloom, grating at the back of your mind? It’s normal, all part of our desire to be ever improving as we seek out new experiences and journeys, both in the workplace and out. James talks about his own experience of life; from his youth, to his time in the British Army through to his career in technology and provides insights into how he navigates these two worlds.

Learning to Lead

What happens when you’re thrown into a team in which you know very little about each member? Your normal rules – the processes you’ve learned over a period of time – are thrown out of the window as the entire team rocks and lurches towards near calamity. James gives a candid view of the tensions every team can experience and offers thoughts on how we can circumvent the trials and provide effective leadership from day one.

Life After and Below 40

An honest account of the experiences of travelling through some of the coldest, most inhospitable. locations on the planet. James talks about the essential element of any expedition: communication. He’ll also tell you what can happen when events and weather conspire to serve up an unhealthy helping of almost certain death.

Presentation Schedule

James’s presentations last between 1 to 2 hours. Each one can be modified based on your needs and factors such as award ceremonies, Q&A sesssions, socialising as well as other arrangements can be woven into the schedule

Prior to all engagements, James will arrange a meet to clarify your requirements for the event and confirm the content with you.