The shark and the clockwork man

I sat at my desk, typing. At first, I didn’t see the great white shark approaching from behind. Something plucked a chord in my mind. I looked over my shoulder and that’s when I saw [...]

How to get into public speaking

how to get into public speaking – become a public speaker fast An easy-to-follow guide showing you how to make your way into public speaking Having trouble getting into public speaking? Not sure where to [...]

How I overcame my fear of public speaking

How I overcame my fear of public speaking – a step-by-step guide How I managed to overcome fear of public speaking with ease Did you know that 75% of people have a fear of public [...]

What is public speaking?

What is public speaking and why is it important? A quick description of public speaking Public speaking is the act, or more appropriately the art of giving a talk to a group of people. This [...]

How to build confidence fast

Want to know how to project confidence? It’s easy, no imposter syndrome is needed Confidence is the bedrock of so much in life and it’s a quality both in demand and much admired by those [...]

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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